Molly Moon’s – Wallingford

Molly Moon's Ice Cream Waffle Cone in a Cup


1622.5 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103 


Molly Moon’s is a Seattle-area favorite for ice cream lovers. Classic flavors like Salted Caramel, Melted Chocolate, and Yeti are accompanied by new flavors on the menu every season.

No matter where you are in Seattle, there’s a Molly Moon’s near you – Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Madrona, Queen Anne, U Village and Columbia City, and on the Eastside in Redmond and Bellevue. The newest shop in Bellevue is perfectly located right across from Bellevue Downtown Park.

Consider “the flight” featuring small scoops of all of the 15 different flavors that Molly Moon’s is currently selling and is only slightly more expensive than getting two ice creams. Definitely worth it if you bring a friend or two.


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