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Discover the Hidden Gem of Bellevue: Surrey Downs Park and Playground

Surrey Downs Park Playground, toddler girl running in the grassy fields to the playground

Nestled in a serene Bellevue neighborhood, Surrey Downs Park is a delightful escape for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This park may be tucked away, but once discovered, it offers a plethora of kid friendly activities and scenic beauty that will leave visitors in awe.

The Playgrounds - Endless Fun for All Ages

The park features wide, inviting sidewalks perfect for kids to ride bikes and scooters. Two distinct playgrounds cater to different age groups: one for toddlers and another for older children. The play structures are imaginative and well-equipped, featuring a zip line, swings of all sizes, and intriguing rope climbing structures. For an added thrill, kids can experience the unique elevator ride in the playground.

One of the park’s highlights is its stunning view of Mount Rainier, providing a perfect backdrop for a family picnic or a quiet moment to enjoy nature. The large lawn area is ideal for various outdoor activities like soccer, tag, or simply lounging on a sunny day.

Our Family Review of Surrey Downs Park

Our 6-year-old absolutely loves the zip line and the elevator ride at Surrey Downs Park! However, for families with younger children, it’s important to note that accessing the elevator or slide requires navigating across a climbing net—there are no stairs or direct paths. This proved a bit challenging for our youngest, who was hesitant to climb so high. Thankfully, she found plenty of joy in the swings and the well-designed toddler playground.

Surrey Downs Park Playground

As parents, our favorite feature is the park’s lovely loop path. It’s perfect for kids to scooter or cycle around while we relax at a nearby picnic table. This setup allowed us to comfortably watch our kids as they explored, making it a stress-free visit for everyone involved.

A Park with a Rich History

Surrey Downs Park has a unique background, initially serving as an elementary school from 1962 until its closure in 1981. Over the years, the grounds transformed to accommodate various community needs, including daycare services and county court facilities. Finally, in 2018, after extensive planning and construction, it was reborn as the park we see today.

Facilities and Accessibility

Surrey Downs Park is designed with convenience in mind. It includes ample parking space, restroom facilities, and covered picnic areas. The park’s layout encourages activities like walking, with a looping path that is also scooter-friendly.

Considerations for Visitors

While the park offers many amenities, there are a few considerations for potential visitors:

Shade: The park has limited shade, with the primary shady area being the covered picnic spot. On busy days, finding a cool spot might be a challenge.

Play Equipment Heat: During sunny days, the play structures can get quite warm, which might be uncomfortable for younger children.

Ground Covering: The playground areas are covered with bark/mulch, which might not be favorable for everyone as it can be messy and somewhat challenging for running and playing.


Despite a few downsides, Surrey Downs Park remains a fantastic place for families looking for a less crowded, well-equipped outdoor space. Whether you’re planning a leisurely afternoon picnic, seeking thrilling play equipment for the kids, or simply want to enjoy the majestic view of Mount Rainier, Surrey Downs Park promises a fulfilling visit. Don’t forget your bug spray in the summer, and prepare for a delightful day out in one of Bellevue’s hidden gems.

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