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Discovering Kirkland’s Hidden Gem: Waverly Beach Park

In the shadows of its more prominent neighbor, Juanita Beach Park, lies a serene and somewhat secret haven perfect for families – Waverly Beach Park. This 3-acre jewel in Kirkland not only boasts the serene beauty of a lakeside setting but also caters wonderfully to families with its engaging playground, making it an idyllic spot for both relaxation and play.

A Playground with a View

Experience our immersive 360-degree photo to explore the playground and waterfront virtually before your visit.

At the heart of Waverly Beach Park is its playground, a haven for young adventurers. Nestled within the park’s lush greenery and overlooking the calm waters of Lake Washington, the playground offers a safe and stimulating environment where children can slide, swing, and explore to their hearts’ content. This area becomes a bustling hub of laughter and activity, especially during the warm summer months, providing a perfect backdrop for children to make new friends and for parents to mingle.

A Treasure Trove of Family Fun

What makes Waverly Beach Park a standout destination for family outings is its harmonious blend of recreational facilities and natural beauty. The park’s small beach is ideal for young swimmers, offering a safe environment for them to enjoy the water under the watchful eyes of lifeguards during the summer. The grassy expanses invite families to lay out a blanket and bask in the sun, while the picnic shelter and built-in tables near the parking lot offer a picturesque setting for a family meal.

The park doesn’t just stop at providing play structures and swimming opportunities; it’s a gateway to tranquil views and nature exploration. The dock extends over Lake Washington, offering a vantage point for breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier, and serves as a launchpad for kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding adventures, blending the thrill of water sports with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Embracing Kirkland’s Lakeside Playground

Waverly Beach Park encapsulates the essence of family fun in Kirkland. From the laughter echoing from the playground to the peaceful moments spent gazing at the lake, this park offers a rich tapestry of experiences. It stands as a beacon of community, nature, and recreation, promising every visitor a slice of summer bliss and the simple joys of outdoor play. Pack your day with activities that span from the excitement of the playground to the tranquility of lakeside views, and discover why Waverly Beach Park is a cherished destination for families seeking both adventure and relaxation.

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