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Exploring Seaview Playground in Edmonds: A Family-Friendly Gem

Seaview Park Playground in Edmonds Washington, an inclusive playground accessible to all kinds of kids and abilities.

Nestled in a quaint Edmonds neighborhood, Seaview Playground provides a relaxing park day for families with a little adventure for the kids. This park is distinguished by its recent remodeling (in 2019), focusing on accessibility to ensure that children of all abilities can share in the joy of play.

Playground Features

The playground is thoughtfully divided with distinct play structures tailored for different age groups: one for toddlers aged 2-5 and another for older kids aged 5-12. What sets Seaview Playground apart are the inclusive and safety-conscious features:

Ground Surface: Gone are the traditional wood chips; replaced by a spongy rubber surface that accommodates walkers and strollers effortlessly.

Quiet Spaces: Features like a swiveling egg and a small tunnel provide a haven for children who need a break from the hustle and bustle.

Swing Options: The playground boasts an array of swings, including four regular belt swings, a toddler swing, an adaptive swing for children with disabilities, and a disc swing, ensuring fun for everyone.

Beyond the Playground

When the swings and slides cease to amaze, Seaview Playground still has plenty to offer:

Sports Facilities: The park includes two tennis courts and ample open field space, perfect for those with energy to spare.

Convenience: With a parking lot right at the entrance and restrooms adjacent to the play area, the park scores high on accessibility. The inclusion of pickleball courts alongside tennis facilities adds another layer of recreational opportunity.

Our Family Review

From a personal perspective, Seaview Playground hits all the marks for a toddler-friendly venue. Our 3.5-year-old managed almost everything independently, which was a significant confidence booster for him. The playground is mostly fenced, providing peace of mind for parents — a crucial feature for those of us with kids who turn into tiny speedsters at a moment’s notice!

Seaview Playground is more than just a place to play; it’s a community hub designed with thoughtfulness and care, making it a standout destination for families seeking safe and engaging outdoor activities. Whether your kids are seeking quiet corners or swinging adventures, this park adapts to their needs, making every visit a memorable one.

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