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Family Fun at Redmond Downtown Park

Redmond Downtown Park

As any parent in Redmond can attest, finding a versatile spot that caters to both adult relaxation and kid-friendly activities can be a challenge. Enter Redmond Downtown Park, a relatively new addition to our community since its opening in 2018. This park isn’t just another green space—it’s a thoughtfully designed hub for community gatherings and family outings.

Family-Friendly Features

Enjoy our immersive 360 photo of Redmond Downtown Park splash pad!

The Splash Pad: This is undeniably the star attraction for families during the warmer months. Open from May through September, the splash pad offers a delightful escape from the summer heat. Just remember to bring sunscreen and hats for the kids, as they’ll want to play for hours! The water is recirculated, so it’s important to remind little ones not to drink from the spray. Operating hours are generous, from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily, making it easy to fit a visit into any busy schedule.

Seating and Picnic Areas: While the park does not feature a traditional playground, it compensates with a wealth of seating options and picturesque picnic spots. The pavilion area, with its innovative water wall, not only hosts light shows and performances but also provides a shaded retreat for those sunny days. Colorful tables, including ones perfectly sized for toddlers, are plentiful and make for an ideal picnic setting.

Additional Amenities: The park boasts clean bathrooms, which any parent will appreciate, especially when spending extended periods outdoors with children. Parking is convenient and free for the first four hours in the Sky Painting Parking Lot, making it easy for families to come and go.

Beyond the Park

Redmond Town Center: Adjacent to the park, this family-friendly shopping center adds another layer of convenience and entertainment. With dining options, additional shopping, and yet another splash pad, it’s easy to make a full day of your trip to downtown Redmond.

Our Family Review

From a personal standpoint, while Redmond Downtown Park shines in the summer with its splash pad and is beautifully lit during the holiday season, the absence of a playground does limit its appeal at times. My children, although they enjoy the occasional imaginative play across the park’s grassy areas, sometimes find themselves longing for more structured play spaces. However, the convenience of nearby amenities and the variety of events held at the park often compensate for this. Did someone say Molly Moon’s Ice Cream?!


Redmond Downtown Park is more than just a park; it’s a community centerpiece that invites families to create their own fun. Whether it’s splashing around in the summer, enjoying a peaceful picnic, or exploring the vibrant Redmond Town Center, there’s something here for everyone. So, pack some snacks, grab a picnic blanket, and head over to discover what this beautiful park has to offer your family!

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