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Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park: Waterfront Picnics and Playground with Kids

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park Picnic Table with Waterfront View and two fast food restaurants on the dock.

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, beautifully situated along the south end of Lake Washington, provides an ideal mix of natural beauty and recreational activities that are sure to delight the whole family. Covering 57 acres, the park offers peaceful lake views alongside a range of activities for all ages, making it an excellent destination for a family day out. Here are some fun things to do with kids during your visit to Gene Coulon Memorial Park.

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Things to do at Gene Coulon Park

Playgrounds and Play Structures

The park features a newly designed playground that caters to all abilities. It includes innovative play structures, swings for both groups and individuals, and unique climbing features that will spark the imagination and energy of any child.

Explore the Gene Coulon Park Playground through our immersive 360 photo. Have you ever seen so many slides at one playground before?

Scenic Walking Trails

With over 1.5 miles of paved trails running along the shoreline, parents with strollers can enjoy leisurely strolls without any hassle. The trails offer beautiful views and are perfect for family walks that encourage conversation and relaxation.

Sports and Recreation

For those who love a bit of competition or physical activity, the park is equipped with tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and sand volleyball courts. These facilities provide a great way to engage in some friendly family competition or simply enjoy some active fun.

Picnic and Views

The park features two family-friendly dining options, Ivar’s Seafood Bar and Kidd Valley. You can enjoy their delicious meals at one of the many picnic tables throughout the park, or opt for takeout to savor on the docks while taking in the stunning waterfront views. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after dining or to immerse yourself in the natural beauty around you.

Please note that it’s about a 5 to 10-minute walk from the playground to the docks where the restaurants are located. This might be a bit of a walk for young children, especially if they are hungry, so plan accordingly. Additionally, there is a parking lot near the restaurants which is convenient if your visit is specifically for a picnic.

Water Activities

During the warmer months, the park’s swimming area is supervised by lifeguards, making it a safe place for kids to splash around. For adventure seekers, stand-up paddleboards and canoes are available for rent. Please note that arm floaters are not allowed, but chest-wrapped floaters are permitted to ensure safety.

Seasonal Beauty and Events

Seasonal Scenery: Whether it’s the stunning sunsets over Lake Washington, the mesmerizing fall colors, halloween themes, or the festive holiday lights during the winter season, Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park offers a beautiful backdrop year-round.

Important Notes

Restrictions: It’s important to note that the park has several restrictions to maintain its serene environment and safety. Dogs are not allowed in most areas, and activities like skateboarding, bike riding, roller blading, or scooter riding are prohibited.

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park is a gem that provides a diverse range of activities, scenic beauty, and amenities that can cater to the whole family. Whether you’re planning a full day of activities or a quiet evening to watch the sunset, this park is a great destination that never disappoints.

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