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Holiday Lights: The Lights of Christmas in Stanwood

Imagine a chilly evening filled with the warm glow of Christmas lights, laughter, and the sweet scent of fresh-hot mini donuts. This isn’t just a festive dream; it’s a reality waiting for you and your family at The Lights of Christmas in Stanwood, Washington. Situated just an hour north of Seattle, Warm Beach Camp transforms into a mesmerizing Christmas village, hosting the largest family-friendly holiday festival in the Pacific Northwest.

Your Journey Begins

The adventure starts the moment you hop into your car. Turn up the Christmas music and set your sights on Stanwood. As you arrive, the air fills with anticipation. The Lights of Christmas event, known for its breathtaking displays and joyous atmosphere, promises to transport you into a holiday wonderland.

A Warm Welcome

Upon entering this magical village, you’ll be greeted by none other than Santa and Mrs. Claus, dressed in their iconic red outfits. Joining them are Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, waving cheerfully. It’s a photo opportunity you won’t want to miss, but remember, they’ll be heading back to the North Pole after December 23, so catch them while you can!

Treats and Treasures

As you drive through the vibrant lights and displays, the aroma of famous fresh-hot mini donuts fills the air, a must-try treat available for purchase along with a variety of snacks, hot beverages, and espresso. The experience is designed as a drive-thru, ensuring you can enjoy these delights from the comfort of your vehicle.

Don’t forget to stop at the souvenir park at the end of your drive-thru journey. From novelty lighted items to Bruce the Spruce ornaments and cozy sweatshirts, there’s something special to remember this unforgettable night.

Tune In and Enjoy

Make sure to tune your radio to LOC Radio 101.9 FM upon arrival. Not only will you enjoy a selection of Christmas music, but you’ll also be entertained by the radio host, Bruce the Spruce. It’s the perfect soundtrack to your magical evening.

A Festive Farewell

As your journey through The Lights of Christmas comes to an end, the memories of twinkling lights, joyful music, and festive treats linger on. This unique holiday experience, nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, offers not just a spectacular visual feast but an opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones. So, bundle up, set off on this festive adventure, and let the magic of the season fill your heart and home.

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