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Lincoln Rock State Park: A Family-Friendly Glamping Adventure in Wenatchee

Lincoln Rock State Park, perfect place for camping beginners with their deluxe cabins, perfect camping with kids, toddlers, and babies.

Nestled beside the tranquil Columbia River and perched above the majestic Rocky Reach Dam, Lincoln Rock State Park in Wenatchee is a haven that beautifully blends the serenity of the natural world with the convenience of modern amenities. This cherished destination is especially beloved by families, who find the deluxe cabins—with their inclusive bathrooms and showers—ideal for camping with kids and babies. A highlight for the younger ones is the opportunity to cool off in the lake, with many families bringing their own paddleboards to enjoy the perfect summer activity together. The lake offers great swimming and paddleboarding experiences, ensuring that water enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy their time in the sun.

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A Glamping Paradise with Breathtaking Views

For those who prefer a more comfortable camping experience, Lincoln Rock State Park’s cabins offer the perfect solution. Standard cabins boast spectacular views of the Columbia River and Rocky Reach Dam, providing a picturesque setting for your stay. Deluxe cabins, on the other hand, not only overlook the Columbia River but also include added luxuries such as a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower, elevating your glamping experience to new heights.

These deluxe accommodations ensure that even the most reluctant campers can enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Whether you’re watching the sunrise over the river or gazing at the stars from your cabin, Lincoln Rock State Park offers a glamping experience that combines the beauty of nature with the comforts of home.

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Summer Lake Fun with Kids at Lincoln Rock Park

Lincoln Rock State Park transcends being merely a location; it embodies a summertime tradition where the joy of classic fun intertwines with the warmth of a community atmosphere. The park’s shaded campsites and cabins offer a cool respite from the summer sun, while the boat launch on Lake Entiat beckons water lovers to venture into its serene and welcoming embrace. Bring your own paddle board!

Here, privacy and community coalesce, offering families the unique opportunity to relish the quietude of nature while forging new friendships. Positioned magnificently above Rocky Reach Dam, the park provides a scenic backdrop that enhances every camping experience, ensuring that each visit is laden with enduring memories.

Bike Trails and Playground for Kids

Adding to the allure of Lincoln Rock State Park is the Rocky Reach Trail, a paved, mixed-use ADA-accessible path that offers a seamless connection to the longer Apple Capital Loop Trail. This integration opens up endless possibilities for exploration, with two miles of hiking trails and an equal distance dedicated to biking trails. For the kids, a nicely sized playground offers endless entertainment, making it a complete family-friendly destination. With activities to suit every preference, from serene swims and paddleboarding on the lake to adventurous trails and playful times at the playground, the park ensures a rich, fulfilling outdoor experience for everyone.

Nearby Attractions

Lincoln Rock State Park serves as more than just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to the wider attractions of the Wenatchee area. Its proximity to Wenatchee ensures that you’re never too far from essential supplies, diverse dining options, shopping, or additional recreational activities, making it the perfect spot for those who enjoy having the best of both worlds.

Explore beyond the park to Lake Chelan, just a 40-minute drive away, for wine tasting or water park fun. Or visit Leavenworth, a charming Bavarian-styled village 30 minutes away, perfect for a day of exploration. The Wenatchee area is also known for its fresh fruit, offering a taste of the local harvest.

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