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Olympic Game Farm Adventure: A Kid-Friendly Drive-Through Experience with Animal Feeding Fun

Olympic Game Farm Sequim Washington, a Deer Standing In The Water. An amazing drive through farm experience with kids, where kids can even feed the animals from the car

Embarking on an adventure to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington, with kids unveils a unique, family-oriented wildlife encounter that leaves lasting memories and stories to share. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Sequim, this farm offers an immersive experience with a variety of animals that you can observe up close, right from the comfort of your vehicle. Here’s a glimpse into what makes a visit to the Olympic Game Farm a must-do activity for families seeking a blend of education, excitement, and the sheer joy of interacting with animals.

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The Drive-Thru Wildlife Tour: A Year-Round Adventure

One of the farm’s standout features is its drive-thru tour, available throughout the year, rain or shine. As you meander through the designated driving paths, you’re greeted by an array of animals that seem just as curious about you as you are about them. From the majestic American black bear and the imposing car size buffalos to the playful tigers and regal lions, each encounter is a thrill. Not to forget the domestic yak, bobcat, arctic fox, and others that add to the farm’s diverse inhabitants.

Getting to Sequim From Seattle

Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington, is a considerable distance from Seattle, requiring a journey that combines driving and a ferry ride, or a longer drive that circumvents Puget Sound. The most direct route typically involves taking the Seattle-Bainbridge Island ferry or the Edmonds-Kingston ferry, followed by a drive through the Olympic Peninsula. This scenic trip offers stunning views and a chance to experience the natural beauty of the region.

By Ferry and Drive

Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry: The ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge Island takes about 35 minutes. Once you disembark on Bainbridge Island, it’s approximately a 2-hour drive to Sequim.

Edmonds to Kingston Ferry: Another option is taking the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston, which also takes about 30 minutes. From Kingston, the drive to Sequim is roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Driving Around Puget Sound

If you prefer to avoid the ferry, you can drive around Puget Sound. This route takes you south through Tacoma, then northwest via the Olympic Peninsula. This journey is longer, typically around 3 to 4 hours, depending on traffic and exact starting points within Seattle.

Planning Your Trip

Check Ferry Schedules: If you opt for the ferry route, be sure to check the Washington State Ferries schedule, as wait times can vary, especially during peak travel times or tourist seasons.

Consider Traffic and Travel Times: Weekend and holiday travel may significantly affect ferry wait times and traffic, so plan accordingly. Early morning departures often have shorter wait times.

Enjoy the Journey: Regardless of your route, the trip to Sequim offers beautiful landscapes and a chance to see more of Washington State’s diverse geography.

Kid-Friendly Feeding Activity: Safe and Exciting

The highlight of the visit to the Olympic Game Farm is the kid-friendly feeding activity, allowing families to interact closely with the animals in a manner that’s both safe and thrilling. As you navigate through the drive-thru tour, your vehicle becomes the center of attention for a variety of animals that approach with curiosity and eagerness. The anticipation of feeding these animals directly from your car adds an extra layer of excitement to the adventure.

Feeding the animals is not just fun but also a learning opportunity for kids. They get to observe the animals’ behaviors up close, learn about their diets, and understand the importance of feeding wildlife appropriate food. It’s important to note that all bread fed to the animals must be purchased on-site. This policy ensures the health and safety of the farm’s animals.

The joy and laughter that come from your kids watching the animals flock to your vehicle, eager for the bread you offer, are what make this experience truly unparalleled. Many families find themselves going for a second loop around the farm, driven by the desire to buy more bread and relive the feeding frenzy. This repeated engagement highlights the captivating and interactive nature of the activity, making it a memorable part of the farm visit.

Practical Tips for Your Visit

No Reservations Needed: The farm operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, prepare for longer wait times, especially on weekends, with times ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

Prepare for a Messy Car: The animals’ love for bread means your vehicle will likely end up very dirty, with drool marks and muddy paws being common. A quick wipe of the handles and a car wash post-visit are advisable.

Safety First: While the animals are friendly, keeping your windows up is a smart move, especially when you’re up close and personal with the farm’s more enthusiastic inhabitants.

Nearby Kid Friendly Adventures

Extend your Sequim adventure with a visit to the Purple Haze Lavender Farm, especially in the summer when the lavender fields begin their majestic transformation. By the end of June, the fields start showing their colors, achieving full bloom by mid-July. This period is the prime time for a farm visit and offers a perfect summer activity for the kids. The sight of vast lavender fields in bloom, coupled with the farm’s serene atmosphere, makes for an enchanting experience that complements your wildlife adventure at the Olympic Game Farm.

Thanks for Reading!

A visit to the Olympic Game Farm with its kid-friendly animal feeding activity promises a blend of excitement, education, and unique interactions that are hard to find elsewhere. It’s an adventure that allows children and adults alike to safely feed and observe wildlife from their own car, creating lasting memories. The sheer joy of interacting with the animals, combined with the educational aspects of responsible feeding practices, makes this farm a must-visit destination for families looking to explore the wonders of wildlife in a safe, engaging, and responsible way.

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