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Our Family Adventure at Henna U-Pick Blueberry Farm in Carnation, Washington

Henna Blueberry Farm Toddler Picking Blueberries

Summer is the quintessential time for family outings, and nothing screams summer fun like a day of blueberry picking at Henna U-Pick Blueberry Farm in Carnation, Washington. Nestled in the lush Snoqualmie River Valley, just a 45-minute drive from Seattle, this scenic 15-acre farm offers a delightful escape to nature—and a bucket full of juicy blueberries!

Why Henna Blueberry Farm?

Henna Blueberry Farm has become our family’s go-to summer destination, and it’s easy to see why. With a variety of blueberry types like Duke, Draper, and Reka, the farm provides a rich picking experience that caters to every taste. The blueberries here are not only abundant but also bigger and tastier than what you might find elsewhere. It’s a great way for kids (and adults alike!) to learn about where their food comes from, all while engaging in a fun, outdoor activity.

Take a look at our immersive 360-degree photo taken right in the heart of Henna Blueberry Farm. 

The Perfect Setup for Families

Upon arriving, we were equipped with buckets lined with a plastic bag for easy picking and carrying, along with sanitizer for a safe and healthy experience. It’s important to mention the farm’s commitment to sustainability—they aren’t certified organic but avoid using synthetic pesticides and chemical sprays, a practice we greatly value. Although the farm provides large buckets, we also brought our own mini buckets from our kids’ sandbox, which are easier for their small hands to manage.

Note: The farm provides porta potties, which are common at many farms and u-pick locations. Therefore, we always bring our OXO portable potty in the trunk for our kids, just to ensure comfort and convenience.

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More Than Just Picking

What makes Henna Blueberry Farm truly special is the range of activities it offers. After filling our buckets (and our bellies) with blueberries, the kids were thrilled to hop on for a tractor ride—a free and fun diversion that’s become a favorite tradition. The gentle rumble of the tractor and the scenic beauty surrounding us was genuinely refreshing  (but quite bumpy for mom).

Practicalities of Planning Your Visit

The blueberry season at Henna Farm typically runs from the last week of June through the end of July, but it’s a good idea to check their Facebook page for the most current information on hours and availability. They accept various payment methods including cash, credit cards, and Venmo, making it convenient for everyone. Plus, being right next to Remlinger Farms, it’s easy to make a full day of countryside adventures.

Our Verdict

After three consecutive years of visiting Henna Blueberry Farm, it’s safe to say it’s etched a permanent joyous spot in our family’s summer calendar. The farm not only offers a lush bounty of blueberries but also a chance to make lasting memories with your little ones. Between the delicious berries, the extra fun of tractor rides, and the warm hospitality of the farm owners, Henna Blueberry Farm stands out as a top choice for family-friendly fun in the greater Seattle area.

If you’re looking for a sweet summer outing that combines fun, food, and fresh air, Henna U-Pick Blueberry Farm is a must-visit. Your buckets—and hearts—will leave full!

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