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Pine Lake Park: A Waterfront Gem in Sammamish, Washington

Nestled in the heart of Sammamish, Washington, Pine Lake Park is a stunning 19-acre oasis that beckons with its natural beauty and waterfront charm. This picturesque park, perched along the serene shores of Pine Lake, offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, making it a perfect destination for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone looking to unwind amidst nature.

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A Playground Paradise by the Lake

Pine Lake Park is not just any ordinary park; it’s a playground paradise that sits elegantly along the lake’s waterfront. With breathtaking views and a myriad of amenities, it caters to visitors of all ages. From toddlers taking their first steps on the grass to adults soaking in the scenic beauty, there’s something for everyone.

Dive Into Summer Fun

Yes, you can swim at Pine Lake! During the sunny months, the park features a dedicated swimming section, roped off for safety, where both adults and kids can enjoy the cool, refreshing waters. For the little adventurers eager to explore the lake, there’s a “swim test” conducted by the lifeguard. Pass it, and the vast expanse of Pine Lake’s swimming area, with depths ranging from 6 to 24 feet, is yours to conquer. Don’t miss the thrill of jumping into the lake from the pier, and for the youngest visitors, a shallow entry point provides a safe splash zone.

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Family-Friendly Amenities

The park is an idyllic spot for family outings. You could easily spend an entire day here, picnicking, playing, and creating memories. The absence of motorized boats ensures the lake remains a calm sanctuary for paddleboarding, kayaking, or simply floating around. 

While the “beach” area may be small with no sand, nearby benches and the park’s generous shade offer comfortable spots for relaxation and observation. However, if your kids are sandcastle enthusiasts, Lake Sammamish Park, with its large sandy beaches, is just a short drive away.

A Glimpse into History

Pine Lake Park has a rich history that adds to its charm. Originally opened as a private resort in the 1910s, it went through several transformations before becoming the public treasure it is today. Once known as French’s LaPine Resort, it was eventually acquired by King County in the 1960s and later transferred to the City of Sammamish upon its incorporation in 1999. This transition from a private retreat to a cherished public space is a testament to the area’s evolving community values and its commitment to preserving natural beauty for all to enjoy.

Plan Your Visit

Accessibility is straightforward, with free parking available, though it’s worth noting that the lot can fill up quickly on sunny weekends. The park’s design allows for easy drop-offs near the boat launch and swimming areas, with a loop back to the parking lot for convenience. Thanks to the ample shade provided by the park’s verdant canopy, there’s no need for pop-up tents, making your visit hassle-free.

Pine Lake Park is more than just a park; it’s a community treasure that offers a slice of paradise in Sammamish, Washington. Whether you’re looking to dive into summer swimming, enjoy a peaceful day in nature, or explore the area’s history, Pine Lake Park welcomes you to discover its many charms.

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