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Slay Dragons and Save Princesses at Deane’s Children’s Park on Mercer Island

Welcome to Deane’s Children’s Park, also known as Dragon Park, located in the heart of Mercer Island! This charming playground, created with love and imagination by the Mercer Island Preschool Association, is a true gem for families seeking adventure and excitement. Come explore and experience the joy of childhood with us!

Table of Contents

Embark on a Quest with the Mighty Dragon

The centerpiece of the park’s myriad attractions is the magnificent 45-foot dragon slide and climbing structure. This awe-inspiring dragon not only offers a thrilling slide down its back but also invites young adventurers to embark on epic quests through the imaginative landscapes of the park.

Discover the Castle Playground

Dive into the mystique of medieval fantasy at the castle-themed playground. With its faux stone fa├žade and fluttering flags, it transports visitors to a realm of knights and dragons. This area, along with two additional playgrounds, ensures that explorers of all ages have the space to venture through different magical play experiences.

Challenge Yourself at the Rock-Climbing Fortress

For those seeking a test of bravery and strength, the park boasts a large rock-climbing structure that appeals to older kids, teens, and even adults. It’s a popular challenge, providing an exhilarating activity that complements the park’s diverse attractions.

Nature's Haven for Playful Hearts

The design of Deane’s Children’s Park beautifully incorporates the natural splendor of Mercer Island. The dense trees and shelters offer serene spots for play and relaxation, making the park a delightful retreat for both drizzly and sunny days.

A Safe Realm for Little Adventurers

The fencing that encloses most of the playground area provides a secure, worry-free environment for parents and guardians. This thoughtful feature ensures that the park remains a safe haven for all its visitors.

Convenient Questing with Ample Parking

Though the parking at Deane’s Children’s Park itself is limited, additional parking is available a short walk away at Island Crest Park. This nearby option ensures that families can easily access the magic and adventure awaiting them at Dragon Park.

Thanks for Reading!

Come explore Deane’s Children’s Park, the ultimate community hangout for kids of all ages! This enchanting playground boasts endless opportunities for creativity, imagination, and adventure. Whether you’re climbing a dragon, scaling a rock wall, or reigning over a castle, there’s no limit to the fun and magic you’ll discover on this island oasis. So pack your picnic and embark on a journey to a land where dragons roam and princesses are saved – all right here in Mercer Island’s very own Dragon Park!

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