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Summer Splendor at Northacres Park & Spraypark in North Seattle

Northacres Park & Spraypark. Kids adore this Seattle Splash Park, darting through water jets and laughing under the spray

Nestled just off I-5, in the heart of North Seattle’s Haller Lake neighborhood, Northacres Park is a verdant oasis that beckons families from across the region, especially during the balmy summer months. With its inviting spray park, ample shade, and diverse amenities tailored for children of all ages, it’s no wonder this park is a hit among locals and visitors alike.

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Summer Splendor at the Spray Park

As temperatures rise, the spray park at Northacres becomes a focal point of fun and relief from the heat. Kids adore the splash pad, darting through water jets and laughing under the spray, all within a setting that’s comfortably nestled under the canopy of towering trees. This shaded paradise not only offers a respite from the sun but also provides a picturesque backdrop for summer playdates and family outings.

Year-Round Family Fun

But Northacres Park isn’t just a summer destination. Its allure extends throughout the year with a two-part playground that caters to toddlers and older children, scenic hiking trails, and a hill that invites joyful rolling. The playgrounds are thoughtfully designed, with areas designated for ages 12 months to 3 years and another for kids aged 4 and up, ensuring a safe and engaging environment for all.

Convenience and Considerations

The proximity to I-5 means easy access, though it’s wise to note that the park’s ambiance can be accompanied by the hum of freeway traffic. On peak summer days, the parking lot may reach capacity early, but street parking is typically available with a bit of searching. Visitors should be mindful of their surroundings, as the back parking area has been noted for occasional unwelcome activity.

Looking for More?

If Northacres Park has captured your heart but you’re eager to explore further, the Greater Seattle area is home to nine other top-rated splash parks worth visiting. Each offers unique features and facilities that promise more fun-filled days for you and your family.

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