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Winter Wonderland Awaits: Glide into Fun at Bellevue Downtown Park Ice Rink

Toddler looking at the Ice Rink in downtown Bellevue

Hey there, winter enthusiasts and fun-seekers! As the chilly air embraces Bellevue, there’s no better way to dive into the winter spirit than by lacing up your skates at the vibrant ice skating rink nestled in the heart of Downtown Bellevue Park. This isn’t just any ice rink; it’s a sprawling 9,000-square-foot wonderland of ice, hailed as the largest seasonal ice skating experience in the region. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or stepping onto the ice for the first time, this magical, kid friendly, winter playground promises an unforgettable adventure for everyone.

Discover the Magic of Ice Skating in Bellevue

Bellevue’s ice rink, affectionately dubbed “Open Air 2,” is a marvel of winter joy. With its unique mesh sides, the rink offers skaters the delightful experience of gliding on ice while basking in the freshness of open air. It’s the perfect setting for creating those cherished winter memories with your loved ones.

Free Skating Lessons and More!

One of the highlights of the Bellevue Ice Rink is the opportunity to take free skating lessons from a professional coach (Tuesday and Thursday). Yes, you heard that right – free lessons to get you started or polish your skills! For those seeking a more personalized touch, private lessons are also available for booking. Make sure to reserve your tickets and your preferred time slot in advance, as the rink operates in 30-minute intervals and spots fill up quickly.

Special Treats and Tips for an Enhanced Experience

There’s a sweet treat waiting for you too! If you plan your skating adventure from Tuesday to Thursday, don’t miss out on a free ice cream topping from Molly Moon’s Bellevue Flagship. Just flash your day-of skating bracelet, and voila – your ice cream gets an extra dash of deliciousness. Remember, this delightful bonus is a perfect way to cap off your skating session.

A few tips to make your visit seamless and enjoyable:

Non-skaters accompanying you? They don’t need to pay for admission, so everyone can join in the fun.

Arrive a bit before your scheduled time slot to avoid the rush and ensure a smooth entry. (Lines can be long on the weekends!)

Need a restroom break? No worries, there are porta-potties conveniently located outside the rink, or you can visit the restrooms near the playground (which are much nicer in my opinion, especially with kids).

Thanks for Reading!

The Bellevue Downtown Park Ice Rink offers a unique blend of wintertime joy, physical activity, and a chance to make lasting memories. Whether you’re twirling on the ice, learning new skating tricks, or simply enjoying the winter vibes with your family and friends, Bellevue’s winter wonderland is the place to be. So, grab your gloves, bundle up, and get ready to experience the magic of ice skating in Bellevue. See you on the ice!

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