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Explore Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle with Kids

Fall colors in Seattle at the Washington Park Arboretum

Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle is vast, spanning 230 acres along the shores of Lake Washington. While it’s unlikely you’ll see everything in one visit, especially with young kids, there are plenty of highlights to make your trip worthwhile. This natural paradise offers a delightful and accessible experience, perfect for families eager to explore nature without venturing far from the city. Here’s your guide to making the most of a family day out at Washington Park Arboretum with kids.

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Azalea Way and the Enchanting Ponds

Start your adventure along Azalea Way, a gentle path perfect for families. Mostly gravel and stroller friendly, it’s an easy walk that takes you past two serene ponds. Here, the little ones can have fun spotting turtles or counting the numerous dragonflies fluttering by. This path isn’t just about the aquatic life; it’s lined with a variety of vibrant azaleas that dazzle during the spring.

Experience our immersive 360-degree photo captured during our leisurely stroll along Azalea Way in the Washington Park Arboretum with our toddler.

Trails, Trees, and a Playground

Beyond the ponds, a network of trails invites you uphill into the arboretum’s core. Kids will be excited to uncover hidden treasures like a charming gazebo nestled among the trees or exotic maple trees with their distinctive paper-like peeling bark. Crossing the Wilcox Footbridge, that iconic stone bridge popular for photo shoots, leads you to a quaint playground. These trails offer not just a chance to explore nature but also serve as an educational adventure through varied plant life.

The Japanese Garden - A Touch of Tranquility

At the southern end of the arboretum, the Japanese Garden awaits. This beautifully manicured landscape offers a peaceful retreat with its traditional design and reflective ponds filled with colorful koi. For a small entrance fee (kids under 5 are free), and enhance your kid’s visit by feeding the koi with a baggie of kibble, available for purchase at the front desk. This garden is not only a feast for the eyes but also a fun interaction for the kids with nature.

Adventure to Duck Bay and Beyond

Heading north from the Graham Visitors Center, a walk around Duck Bay presents an opportunity to observe nature’s engineers at work, with logs showing signs of beaver activity. The journey continues under the 520 bridge, which offers a thrilling acoustic experience, and onto the quiet trails of Foster Island. Listen closely for the croaks of frogs and keep an eye out for herons among the reeds.

Biking at Washington Park Arboretum

Washington Park Arboretum offers a special treat for cycling enthusiasts with its 2.5-mile Loop Trail. This paved path is an incredible resource for both recreation and relaxation within the city, providing a safe and scenic route for cyclists.

Cycling Rules and Guidelines:

Stay on Path: Cyclists must stick to the Loop Trail and other paved surfaces throughout the arboretum. Riding off the designated paths is not permitted.

Speed Limit: Please adhere to a 10 mph speed limit to ensure safety for all visitors.

Pedestrian Right-of-Way: Always yield to pedestrians. Cyclists may find areas where they need to slow down or dismount.

Bike Walking Zones: Between the Wilcox Bridge and the Graham Visitor Center, bicycles should be walked, not ridden.

These rules help maintain a safe environment for everyone and ensure that the arboretum remains a peaceful place for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride or a bit of exercise, the arboretum’s Loop Trail is perfect for enjoying the natural beauty of Seattle.

Practical Tips for Your Visit

Washington Park Arboretum provides ample free parking, though it’s advisable to arrive early during busy weekends to secure a spot. The arboretum is equipped with paved paths ideal for strollers, and separate lanes for bikes allow everyone to explore comfortably at their own pace.

Concluding Your Day

Whether you choose to explore on foot, take a tranquil “forest bath” in the Japanese Garden, or venture out on the water from the nearby UW Waterfront Activities Center, Washington Park Arboretum offers a multitude of experiences. It’s a place where nature’s calm meets the excitement of exploration—a perfect setting for creating lasting family memories.

Plan your visit, check out maps, and find more information about the trails at the Graham Visitors Center or online. The arboretum promises a rejuvenating day out, ensuring you’ll want to return and experience every season’s unique beauty.

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