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Exploring Woodland Park Zoo with Kids: A Family-Friendly Adventure in Seattle

Three toddler girls watching the penguins at Woodland Park Zoo

Looking for the ultimate family outing in Seattle? Whether you’re a resident or just visiting the Emerald City, Woodland Park Zoo is your perfect destination, offering a unique mix of adventure, education, and conservation. With a history spanning over 120 years and more than 1,000 animals representing 300 species, the zoo provides a comprehensive and captivating experience for visitors young and old. Let’s explore why this zoo is an excellent choice for a day trip with the kids.

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Unforgettable Animal Exhibits

Peruvian Penguins: Begin your journey with the playful Peruvian penguins, thriving in an environment that mimics their natural coastal habitat. This award-winning exhibit provides a unique look at these lively birds, showcasing their playful antics and adaptability.

Molbak’s Butterfly Garden: For a serene and magical experience, make sure to visit the Molbak’s Butterfly Garden during the summer. Here, you can walk among hundreds of native North American butterflies fluttering freely around you, offering a peaceful retreat and a chance to learn about their delicate life cycles.

Experience the enchanting Molbak’s Butterfly Garden right from your home with our immersive 360-degree photo, captured at the heart of this beloved spot at the zoo.

Australasia: Travel next to the Australasia exhibit, where the diverse wildlife of the Pacific region awaits. From the hopping wallabies and wallaroos to the colorful parrots and the distinct calls of kookaburras, this exhibit is a celebration of life from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and beyond.

African Savanna: Extend your journey with the breathtaking African Savanna, where you can encounter majestic lions, towering giraffes, and hefty hippos. This exhibit beautifully replicates the expansive ecosystems of East Africa, giving you a glimpse into the lives of these fascinating animals in a naturalistic setting.

Living Northwest Trail: Explore the local wildlife on the Living Northwest Trail, where conservation stories come to life. Learn about the species native to the Pacific Northwest, such as the Canada lynx, western pond turtles, and brown bears, and discover the actions being taken to preserve their future.

Kid-Friendly Fun at Zoomazium

Zoomazium is the perfect indoor playground for children aged 8 and under, offering a wealth of activities regardless of the weather. The remarkable indoor facility at Zoomazium boasts multimedia exhibits that transform learning about nature into an exciting and engaging adventure. It features zones designed for active play, storytelling, puppet shows, and interactive learning.

Explore our immersive 360-degree photo of Zoomazium, a dynamic and interactive indoor play area designed specifically for young children.

From climbing a 20-foot tree to exploring a mountain cave, the facility is designed to stimulate young minds and bodies in an immersive nature-themed environment. Additionally, every Friday, Zoomazium hosts a Sensory-Friendly experience to accommodate children with sensory sensitivities, ensuring a fun and inclusive atmosphere for all visitors. Don’t miss the kid sized entry!

Historical Carousel and Seasonal Attractions

Historical Carousel: Take a spin on the zoo’s historic carousel, a beautifully preserved piece from 1918. Powered by solar panels, this carousel not only delights visitors but also supports the zoo’s sustainability initiatives.

Wild Lanterns Winter Holiday Lights: Celebrate the holiday season with WildLanterns, an immersive winter wonderland filled with illuminated lanterns. From the fantastical folklore creatures to the themed zones like Giant Panda Parkway, this event promises a dazzling experience for the whole family.

Seasonal Exhibits: Don’t forget to check out the zoo’s seasonal exhibits, which change throughout the year. These immersive and interactive displays are designed to engage children and adults alike, with past exhibits ranging from giant dinosaurs to oversized bugs.

Plan Your Visit

Woodland Park Zoo is not just a place to see animals but a venue for learning about biodiversity and conservation. Whether you’re watching a feeding session, enjoying a guided tour, or simply taking in the beauty of the naturalistic habitats, you’re sure to leave with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for wildlife.

So gather your family, pack a picnic, and head to Woodland Park Zoo for a day full of discovery and fun!

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