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Summer Camp Adventures for Kids Near Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond, Washington

With summer just around the corner, the cities of Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond unfold a treasure trove of camp experiences designed to spark curiosity, foster creativity, and encourage exploration among kids. From the wonders of science and technology to the joy of culinary arts and the thrill of outdoor adventures, there’s a camp for every young explorer. Let’s dive deeper into some standout camps, including delightful offerings directly from the City of Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond, that promise a summer filled with fun, learning, and memorable experiences.

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City of Bellevue Summer Camps

The City of Bellevue offers a vibrant selection of summer camps, promising an unforgettable season of fun, learning, and cherished memories. These camps, designed for a wide range of interests and age groups, ensure that every child finds something exciting to dive into.

Bellevue residents benefit from an early registration period, giving them a fantastic head start to secure spots in their preferred camps. Additionally, a special residents’ rate is available, making these enriching summer experiences more accessible to the local community. This exclusive opportunity allows families to plan a summer full of engaging and educational activities without straining their budgets.

Here are three top picks from the City of Bellevue’s summer camps that our kids have personally experienced and loved.

1. Kelsey Creek Farm Summer Camps

Nestled in the heart of Bellevue, Kelsey Creek Farm opens its gates for summer camps that blend farm life with outdoor fun, crafts, and camaraderie. Children have the chance to get up close with rabbits and chickens, learn about the care of farm animals, and immerse themselves in the beauty of farm living. It’s an ideal setting for kids to explore nature, engage in active games, and make new friends in a picturesque farm environment.

Programs at Kelsey Creek Farm

Kelsey Creek Farm

Location: 410 130th Pl SE Bellevue, WA 98005

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 6-11
  • Camp Length: Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9:30 a.m. -3 p.m. (Extended Care Package Available)

Registration Dates: 

  • March 25, 2024. 12 p.m. (Bellevue residents)
  • April 1, 2024. 12 p.m. (non-residents)

2. Robinswood Park Summer Camps

Robinswood Park offers a canvas for imagination and creativity through its diverse summer camps. With unique weekly themes like “Salty Seas,” kids embark on deep-sea adventures, embracing games, crafts, and water activities. They’ll invent their own pirate names and dive into a world of exploration. “Wonders of Science” invites campers to mix ooey, gooey experiments, learn about states of matter, and witness scientific principles in action, making science both fun and fascinating.

3. Go Go with Van Gogh Art Camp at Kelsey Creek Farm

Merging fine arts with the rustic charm of Kelsey Creek Farm, this art camp encourages kids to express their creativity inspired by the farm’s environment. Through artistic guided exploration and outdoor play, campers celebrate their individual interests in creative expression. It’s a perfect blend of art education and the joy of summer outdoor activities.

Summer Camps | City of Bellevue 2024

Robinswood Day Camp

Location: 2432 148th Avenue SE Bellevue, WA 98007

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 4-7
  • Camp Length: Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9:30 a.m. -3 p.m. (Extended Care Package Available)

Go Go with Van Gogh Art Camp

Location: 410 130th Pl SE Bellevue, WA 98005

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 6-11
  • Camp Length: Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9:30 a.m. -3 p.m. (Extended Care Package Available)

Pedalheads | Seattle/Bellevue/Kirkland/Redmond

Pedalheads Bike and Trail Camps offer an exhilarating summer experience across Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle, and various locations in Washington. Established in 1995, Pedalheads has become renowned for transforming the bike-riding experiences of thousands of children, guiding them from training wheels to confidently navigating two wheels on the road. These fun and educational bike camps and lessons are designed to boost kids’ confidence, ensuring they ride safely and with great skill.

Catering to a range of ages and skill levels, Pedalheads provides a supportive environment where children can learn at their own pace under the guidance of experienced instructors. The camps are not only about biking; they also emphasize road safety and the joy of outdoor exercise, contributing to the overall development of young riders.

To accommodate busy family schedules, Pedalheads offers extra care options for all its half-day and full-day summer camps, making it more convenient for parents. This commitment to flexibility and a comprehensive learning experience makes Pedalheads a top choice for parents seeking a summer camp that combines fun, learning, and physical activity in a safe and caring setting.

Pedalheads Bike Camp

Location: Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell and more!

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 2-12
  • Camp Length: Half Day & Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm & 9am-4pm

FrogLegs Cooking School | Seattle/Kirkland/Redmond

For the budding chefs and bakers, FrogLegs Cooking School offers a culinary adventure that’s as tasty as it is educational. Each week, the kitchen transforms into a themed paradise, from ice cream parlors to carnivals and even the magical world of Harry Potter. Campers will whip up everything from savory dishes to sweet treats, learning kitchen safety and culinary skills along the way. It’s a delicious blend of creativity, learning, and of course, eating!

FrogLegs Cooking School

Location: Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 4-9
  • Camp Length: Half Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm

KidsQuest Summer Camps | Bellevue

KidsQuest Children’s Museum steps into summer with a diverse array of camps that dive deep into the realms of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Offering both half-day and full-day options for kids aged 4-10, these camps blend fun with educational experiences through science experiments, arts, and more. With over 25 innovative exhibits, KidsQuest provides a hands-on, interactive setting where learning comes alive. Themes like “Sensational Science” invite kids to get messy with polymers, paint with rockets, and build robots, while “Engineering Explorers” challenges them to construct, create, and compete in a playful exploration of scientific principles. It’s a perfect choice for curious minds eager to learn while having a blast.

KidsQuest Children's Museum

Location: 1116 108th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 4-10
  • Camp Length: Half Day or Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm or 9am-4pm

Girls Rock Math | Seattle/Bellevue

Girls Rock Math offers a unique, engaging approach to mathematics, showing young learners that math is not just fun but also deeply imaginative. Aimed at boosting interest and confidence in math among girls, the program fosters collaboration, persistence, strategic thinking, and a deep appreciation for mathematical concepts.

At Girls Rock Math, camps are designed to be thematic and imaginative, ensuring that the projects are meaningful and directly cater to the interests of the participants. This relevance to their personal interests significantly heightens engagement in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) subjects. Girls learn to see math as a potent tool for problem-solving, carrying this valuable skill into their schooling and beyond.

Weekly themes add to the excitement and learning experience. For instance, “Alice in Numberland” takes kids on an adventurous journey into a mathematical wonderland where they engage in activities related to time-telling with the White Rabbit, solving riddles with the Mad Hatter, and exploring symmetry with the Queen of Hearts. Another theme, “Mystical Math,” invites campers to don their wizard hats and dive into a week filled with magical, mathematical spells, wand-making, catapult launching, and unraveling the secrets of Arithmancy, Hermione’s favorite subject.

Girls Rock Math is more than a camp; it’s a place where math comes alive through the arts, and girls are empowered to view mathematics as an accessible, engaging, and essential part of their education and daily lives.

Girls Rock Math STEM camp

Location: Seattle, Bellevue

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 6-11 (entering 1st - 6th grade)
  • Camp Length: Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9:30am-3:30pm

Steve & Kate's Camp | Seattle/Bellevue/Kirkland

Steve & Kate’s Camp offers a unique summer experience where campers are in charge of their day, providing an empowering environment that fosters independence and creativity. The day starts and ends with leisurely recreational activities, allowing children to ramp up and wind down at their own pace. Throughout the main portion of the day, campers have the freedom to explore a wide array of activities based on their interests.

Options include sewing, baking, stop-motion animation, coding, robotics, water play, and even time in a bounce house, ensuring that every day is filled with variety and excitement. The flexibility of Steve & Kate’s Camp is unparalleled; parents can purchase Day Passes as needed or opt for a Summer Pass for unlimited access. There’s no need to pre-schedule visits, and any unused passes at the end of the summer are fully refunded, making this camp not only flexible but also worry-free.

Moreover, the camp simplifies meal planning by including lunch and snacks, ensuring that campers have the energy they need for a day full of exploration and fun. Steve & Kate’s Camp is the perfect choice for families looking for a summer camp experience that prioritizes child-led learning and exploration in a safe, nurturing environment.

Steve & Kate's Camp

Location: Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Everett, Bothell

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 4-12
  • Camp Length: Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm

Samena Swim & Recreation Club | Bellevue

Samena Swim & Recreation Club offers an array of Summer Camps that promise an unforgettable summer experience for kids and teens ages 3-16 in Bellevue. With a focus on swimming, learning, and playing, these camps are designed to keep your children active, engaged, and making the most of their summer vacation.

Preschool Camp (Ages 3-5): Young campers will dive into a world of fun with games, crafts, music, stories, and educational activities. Outdoor play on Samena’s playground and splashes in the wading pool make for a perfect summer day.

Day Camp (Ages 5-12): A summer filled with swimming, splashing, and new friendships awaits at Samena. Campers enjoy a variety of activities each week, with the option for structured swim lessons offered at special pricing exclusively for Day Campers.

Vanapalooza (Ages 11-14): Tailored for tweens and teens, this camp features weekly themed adventures with daily trips around the Seattle area, capped off with open swim time back at Samena. It’s the perfect blend of exploration and water fun.

Junior Counselors (Ages 14 & up): For older teens ready to take on leadership roles, the Junior Counselor program offers the chance to work alongside Samena’s staff, assisting with activities, crafts, games, and swim time for younger campers.

Junior Lifeguards (Ages 12-14): This program provides valuable knowledge and experience in first aid, CPR, aquatic emergency prevention, water rescue techniques, and teamwork, setting a strong foundation for future lifeguards.

Samena’s Summer Camps not only offer diverse activities tailored to different age groups but also emphasize safety, learning, and fun in a welcoming community environment. Whether your child is taking their first swim or leading activities as a junior counselor, Samena provides a summer of growth, adventure, and cherished memories.

Samena Swim

Location: 15231 Lake Hills Blvd Bellevue, WA 98007

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 3-16
  • Camp Length: Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm

Arena Sports | Seattle/Issaquah/Redmond

Arena Sports Summer Camp offers an action-packed experience for active kids aged 3-12. Designed to keep children engaged and entertained, the camp features a variety of fun, age-appropriate activities under the guidance of energetic coaches. It’s a fantastic way for kids to enjoy their summer break while taking a healthy break from screens and gadgets.

For those attending camp in Issaquah & Mill Creek locations, an added thrill awaits with access to our Family Entertainment Centers. Here, campers can enjoy additional attractions, including Laser Tag and Arcade Games, making their summer experience even more memorable.

Understanding the diverse needs of families, Arena Sports provides flexible scheduling options. Whether you’re looking for half days, full days, a full or partial week, or even just a single day of camp, there’s a configuration that fits your family’s needs. Arena Sports Summer Camp isn’t just beneficial for the kids; it’s a game-changer for parents looking for a reliable, fun, and engaging summer option for their children.

Arena Sports

Location: Seattle, Redmond, Issaquah

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 3-12
  • Camp Length: Half Day & Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm & 9am-4pm

Dizzybus Summer Camp | Bellevue

A traditional day camp with a twist, Dizzybus offers younger kids a blend of crafts, outdoor play, tumbling activities, and games aboard its unique Tumblebuses. These converted school buses are mini gyms on wheels, designed to improve balance, coordination, and strength. Dizzybus is an ideal option for parents seeking a blend of physical activity and creative play for their preschoolers.

Dizzy Tumblebus

Location: 5833 119th Ave SE Bellevue, WA 98006

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 2.5-8
  • Camp Length: Half Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Thur, 9am-1pm

Parkour Visions Summer Camp | Bellevue/Seattle

Parkour Visions has multiple summer camps through out Seattle and Bellevue that introduces kids to the exhilarating world of parkour. The Bellevue one is located in Bellevue Downtown Park, teaching them to navigate their environment with agility and creativity. This camp fosters a sense of teamwork and confidence, making it a great choice for active kids interested in learning new skills.

They also have a unique camp that combines parkour with filmmaking, offering kids the chance to showcase their parkour skills on film. After refining their techniques, campers create and record action sequences, culminating in a professional video of their parkour adventures.

Parkour Visions

Location: Bellevue Downtown Park, multiple Seattle locations

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 6-11 and 9-14
  • Camp Length: Half Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm

Bellevue Arts Museum Summer Camp

The Bellevue Arts Museum Summer Camp offers a series of immersive and creative camps tailored for young artists of various age groups, fostering an environment where creativity and artistic expression flourish. Each camp is uniquely designed to cater to different interests and developmental stages, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to explore the vast world of art in a supportive and enriching setting.

Little Artists Camp: Perfect for the youngest creatives entering pre-K and Kindergarten, the Little Artists Camp provides a fun and engaging morning filled with activities that stimulate the senses and ignite imagination. Little ones are introduced to the joy of art through a sensory journey, encouraging early artistic expression.

Junior Sculptors Camp: Students entering 1st to 3rd grade are invited to discover the fascinating realm of three-dimensional art in the Junior Sculptors Camp. Exploring the works of various sculptural artists, campers will learn about different materials and techniques, creating their own sculptural pieces that express their individuality and creativity.

Exploring Sculpting and Animation Camp: Ages 6-8 can delve into the exciting world of sculpting and animation with DigiPen Open World educators at BAM. This introductory workshop combines the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and sculpting with the magic of animation.

Modern Art Masters Camp: 4th to 6th graders delve into modern art, learning about art elements, design principles, and creating their own artworks. Drawing inspiration from the museum’s galleries and exhibitions, as well as renowned artists, participants will create their own unique artworks using a variety of techniques and mediums.

Bellevue Art Museum

Location: Bellevue Art Museum (510 Bellevue Way NE Bellevue)

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 4-12 (pre-K to 6th grade)
  • Camp Length: Half Day & Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9am-12:30pm, 9am-4pm

Summer J Camp | Mercer Island

Summer J Camp, acclaimed as one of the nation’s top summer camps, offers a vibrant summer experience for kids entering pre-K through 10th grade. With over 60 unique camps, families can customize a summer adventure that fits perfectly with their schedule. Choose from Core Camps, packed with activities like swimming, games, art, and sports, or dive deeper into interests with Specialty Camps.

Specialty Camp Highlights:

Pokémania STEAM Adventure: Create a stop-motion animated film featuring your favorite Pokémon characters.

Roblox Game Design: Dive into game design with Roblox, learn the basics of game design.

Superhero Coding: Design your very own platform video game, inspired by your love for gaming.

Minecraft City Builders: Join forces to design and construct a vast Minecraft city.

Summer J Camp

Location: Mercer Island & Seattle

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 4-15 (PRE-K to 10th grade)
  • Camp Length: Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9:30am-3:30pm

Trackers Earth Summer Camps | Kirkland

Trackers Earth camps immerse kids in the world of outdoor adventure and hands-on crafts. They’ll master stealth, archery, and wilderness survival, engage in homesteading, folk crafts, and identify wild edible plants. Activities include fishing, foraging, and outdoor cooking, all under the guidance of expert Trackers Guides. With options ranging from Wilderness Survival to Archery, Martial Arts, Woodcrafting, and even immersive role-playing camps like Wizards and Secret Agents, there’s an adventure for every interest. Choose from half-day or full-day camps to give your child a summer filled with exploration, friendship, and learning real skills. 

*As seen on NBC News, CBS News, and USA Today

Trackers Earth

Location: 5241 116th Ave NE Kirkland, WA

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: Grad K-12
  • Camp Length: Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm

Avid4 Adventure Camp | Bellevue

Avid4 Adventure camp in Washington offers an unforgettable summer experience for kids in grades K through 7, enabling them to discover the beauty of Washington’s outdoors safely and accessibly. Catering to all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned young adventurers, the camp provides expert instruction in kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and more, ensuring kids leave feeling empowered and inspired to embrace an active outdoor lifestyle.

Explorer Camps are specially designed for 5 and 6-year-olds entering Kindergarten or 1st Grade, with a favorable camper to staff ratio of 5:1. These camps introduce children to the joys of hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and biking, balanced with creative activities like yoga, art, and music to nurture their holistic development.

Adventure Camps cater to 2nd through 7th graders, offering daily outdoor adventures tailored to each age group’s abilities and interests. Younger campers (2nd – 4th grade) focus on building confidence in new activities, supported by a nurturing staff and the camaraderie of returning campers. As campers progress to 5th – 7th grade, the emphasis shifts towards teamwork, mentorship, and enhancing their technical skills in each adventure sport.

Avid4 Adventure

Location: Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (4800 139th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98006)

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: Grade K-7
  • Camp Length: Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm

AL Studio Art Camp | Bellevue/Kirkland/Renton

AL Studio is a creative haven offering a variety of art experiences, including semi-private art classes, camps, art parties, online classes, and art enrichment programs at local schools. Catering to students eager to dive into the world of art, AL Studio focuses on teaching techniques employed by classical artists across a broad spectrum of mediums such as pastels, watercolors, oils, and pencils.

The studio’s summer camp is designed for children aged 6 to 12 and promises a daily exploration of different arts and crafts. Each day brings a new adventure in creativity, with all materials provided, ensuring that each child can freely express their artistic vision without any barriers. This summer camp is an excellent opportunity for young artists to develop their skills, experiment with various mediums, and unleash their creativity in a supportive and inspiring environment.

AL Art Studio

Location: Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 6-12
  • Camp Length: Half Day & Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9am-12:30pm & 9am-3:00pm

Backstage Dance Studio | Bellevue

Backstage Dance Studio’s Performing Arts Camp welcomes young dancers aged 3-6 to a summer filled with imaginative themes, dance, and creativity, suitable for all skill levels. Each week offers a unique theme that combines dance with storytelling, crafts, and fun, ensuring an engaging and memorable experience for every camper.

Dance Detectives (Week of 07/08/2024): Transform into a team of dancing detectives, using ballet and jazzy moves to uncover clues and solve the mystery mission! Campers will collect spy tools for their kit, engaging in activities that blend dance and detective work, culminating in a final performance that reveals all.

Unicorn Universe (Week of 07/22/2024): Step into a magical realm where tiny dancers become unicorns, exploring rainbows and clouds through ballet and jazz. This enchanting camp is filled with unicorn-themed activities, glittery crafts, and Rainbow Rewards, promising a week of whimsical fun and dance.

Dreamhouse Slumber Party (Week of 08/05/2024): Experience the ultimate slumber party in Barbie’s Dreamhouse! This camp offers a mix of jazz, creative movement, and ballet, with games, choreography, and pink crafts that celebrate the spirit of a slumber party. Dancers are invited to bring their favorite dolls and create lasting memories with their doll friends.

For the older kids aged 6-11, Backstage Dance Studio ramps up the summer fun with a comprehensive program that combines the joy of dance and gymnastics with creative arts and crafts, and even music video-making! The mornings kick off at Backstage Dance Studio, where participants immerse themselves in various dance styles, refining their techniques and expressing their creativity through movement.

This unique blend of activities ensures a dynamic and enriching summer experience, perfect for kids who love to move, create, and explore new ways of expressing themselves. Whether they’re pirouetting in the dance studio, flipping on the gymnastics floor, or directing their own music video, participants are guaranteed to have a blast while developing a wide array of skills.

Backstage Dance Studio

Location: 13420 SE 32nd St, Bellevue, WA 98005

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 3-6, 6-11
  • Camp Length: Half Day & Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm & 9am-5pm

Emerald Ballet Theatre | Bellevue

Emerald Ballet Theatre, renowned for its award-winning programs, offers an enriching summer experience at its Bellevue studio.

Catering to all ages and skill levels, the academy provides a variety of summer programs ranging from Thematic Art & Dance Camps and PreBallet & Ballet Classes to Musical Theatre and Dance Intensives, complete with performance opportunities. This summer, flexible scheduling is available to accommodate both serious and recreational dancers, ensuring an inclusive and supportive environment for every participant.

Outer Space Dance & Art Camp (Ages 3.5-8): Embark on a cosmic adventure with five creative days exploring the universe. Children have the option to join for just the morning session or stay for the full day. The morning activities are equally divided between dance and art, while the afternoon includes storytime, imaginative games, acting out stories, and snack time. The camp concludes with an informal performance and an art gallery showcasing the students’ creations.

Candy Land Dance & Art Camp (Ages 3.5-8): Dive into a world of sweet surprises with our Candy Land-inspired camp. Like the Outer Space camp, children can choose between half-day or full-day participation. Mornings are dedicated to dance and art, and afternoons feature candy-themed games, storytime, snack time, and engaging dance activities, all set to a joyously sweet playlist. The experience wraps up with an informal performance and an art gallery display of student work.

At Emerald Ballet Theatre, summer means not just learning and improving dance techniques but also embracing creativity, imagination, and fun through themed camps that inspire and delight.

Emerald Ballet Academy

Location: Bellevue

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 3.5-8
  • Camp Length: Half Day & Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9:30am-12pm & 9:30am-3pm

Pacific Northwest Ballet | Bellevue

Pacific Northwest Ballet School offers an enchanting week-long workshop for young dancers aged 5 to 7, held at the Francia Russell Center in Bellevue. Each session, lasting three hours daily, immerses students in the magical world of ballet through a focus on different iconic ballets, such as George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker®, Beauty and the Beast, Harold and the Purple Crayon, and Swan Lake.

The daily schedule is thoughtfully designed to spark creativity and love for dance, beginning with an hour-long dance class where students learn ballet fundamentals and movements inspired by the week’s theme. Following the dance class, a music class enriches their understanding and appreciation of the ballet’s score. The experience is further enhanced by storytime, where the tales behind the ballets come to life, and a craft project, allowing students to express their creativity while making scenery and props related to the theme.

A snack break provides a moment of rest and socialization among the young dancers, recharging them for the rest of the day’s activities. Each workshop session builds towards a finale—an informal mini-performance where students showcase choreography related to that week’s ballet theme, using the very scenery and props they’ve created. This performance offers a proud moment for students to share what they’ve learned and created with family and friends, making for a memorable and fulfilling experience at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School.

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Location: Bellevue

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 5-7
  • Camp Length: Half Day
  • Hours/Dates: Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm

City of Bellevue Youth Programs

City of Bellevue Parks & Community Services presents an extensive array of youth programs designed to cater to diverse interests and ages. Whether it’s engaging day camps, educational swim lessons for children, or art classes, Bellevue offers numerous opportunities to foster a healthy and active lifestyle for the whole family.

Among the highlights are the Bellevue Youth Theatre summer camps, where participants can immerse themselves in the world of performance through productions like “Little Red Riding Hood and Friends” or “Dr. Dolittle.” These camps provide a fantastic platform for young aspiring actors to explore their talents, work on their performance skills, and experience the magic of theater.

For those who love nature and animals, the summer camps at Kelsey Creek Farm are an ideal choice. Children get the chance to interact closely with farm animals such as rabbits and chickens, learning valuable lessons about responsibility and care for smaller creatures, all within the picturesque setting of the farm.

With over hundreds of options available, Bellevue Parks & Community Services truly offers something for everyone. Whether you’re aiming to develop new skills, pursue hobbies, or simply enjoy a healthy and active summer, the City of Bellevue ensures that all community members have access to enriching and enjoyable programs.

City of Bellevue | Youth Programs

Location: Bellevue

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 4-17
  • Camp Length: Half Day & Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: varies

City of Redmond Youth Programs

The City of Redmond Parks and Recreation invites families to explore a wide range of summer camp opportunities designed for children to play, create, explore, and seek adventure. While registration opens a bit later in the season, in March, the anticipation only adds to the excitement of planning the perfect summer experience. The extensive catalog of camps, classes, workshops, and activities is easily accessible online at, ensuring you can find the ideal option that resonates with your child’s interests and your schedule.

City of Redmond | Youth Programs

Location: Redmond

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 4-17
  • Camp Length: Half Day & Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: varies

City of Kirkland Youth Programs

The City of Redmond Parks and Recreation invites families to explore a wide range of summer camp opportunities designed for children to play, create, explore, and seek adventure. While registration opens a bit later in the season, in March, the anticipation only adds to the excitement of planning the perfect summer experience. The extensive catalog of camps, classes, workshops, and activities is easily accessible online at, ensuring you can find the ideal option that resonates with your child’s interests and your schedule.

City of Kirkland | Youth Programs

Location: Kirkland

Additional Information: 

  • Ages: 6-17
  • Camp Length: Half Day & Full Day
  • Hours/Dates: varies

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