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Summer Splashes and Family Fun at Redmond Town Center’s Splash Pad

Redmond Town Center Fountains with Bear Sculptures

Summer at Redmond Town Center transforms this bustling shopping area into a children’s paradise, especially with the recent upgrades to its family-friendly amenities. If you’re planning a trip here with the kids, remember to pack towels, an extra set of clothes, and maybe even some water toys to make the most of your visit.

Splash Pad Adventures

Located centrally in the Center Court, the splash pad is a focal point for summer fun. Open from May through September, in alignment with mall hours, this spot offers a refreshing escape from the summer heat. It’s not just a simple splash pad; the area includes toddler-friendly water fountains and encourages all kinds of playful water activities. Parents often bring along cups or buckets to enhance the fun, turning simple water play into a delightful adventure for the little ones.

Convenient Amenities

The redesign of the splash pad area has prioritized safety and accessibility, with a pedestrian zone surrounding the water feature to ensure kids can play without any worries. Adjacent to the splash pad are numerous outdoor chairs and tables, complete with umbrellas—perfect for families wanting to keep an eye on their children while enjoying a bit of shade.

The convenience extends further with restroom facilities located near Starbucks, right next to the splash pad. For families, this means quick access for those inevitable bathroom breaks. Additionally, Redmond Town Center offers family restrooms, an appreciated feature for parents with toddlers in tow.

More Than Just Water Play - Playground

Beyond the splash pad, Redmond Town Center is equipped with a playground near the escalators on the west side, adding another layer of fun for kids. This makes it easy to switch between water play and other types of activities, keeping the kids engaged and entertained throughout the day.

Our Family Experience

As a family, we’ve found Redmond Town Center to be a standout destination for summer outings. The cleanliness and maintenance of the area are top-notch, making it a pleasant place for both kids and adults. The proximity of shops and restaurants adds a layer of convenience, allowing for easy transitions from playtime to mealtime or even a quick shopping trip. We particularly appreciate the ample free parking and the chance to snag a table right next to the splash pad, adding comfort to our visits. This is one of our favorite splash pads on the Eastside, and visit every year!


For families looking for a fun, safe, and convenient place to spend a sunny day, the splash pad at Redmond Town Center checks all the boxes. With thoughtful amenities and a variety of activities, it’s an ideal spot for creating summer memories with your children. Whether you’re cooling off in the fountain, relaxing under an umbrella, or exploring the nearby playground, there’s something for everyone at this vibrant outdoor shopping center.

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