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Family Fun at Newcastle Beach Park in Bellevue!

Newcastle Beach Park Playground

Are you planning a family outing in Bellevue and looking for the perfect spot that offers both fun and relaxation? Newcastle Beach Park is your ideal destination! Located along the shores of Lake Washington, this park is a treasure trove of activities that cater to all ages.

A Playground Paradise

At the heart of the park is a vibrant and colorful playground, sure to delight your little ones. Equipped with swings, slides, and a variety of climbing structures, it provides a safe and fun environment for children to unleash their energy and creativity. Whether your child is a timid toddler or a brave pre-teen, the playground at Newcastle Beach Park has something to keep them engaged and entertained.

Beach Bliss and Water Activities

What’s a park visit without some beach fun? The sandy shores of Newcastle Beach Park are perfect for families who enjoy playing wave tag or building majestic sandcastles. While the park does not offer paddle board or kayak rentals, you’re welcome to bring your own equipment to explore the tranquil waters of Lake Washington. Many visitors enjoy swimming and boating in the summer, making it a popular spot during the sunny months.

Trails and More

For those who prefer dry land adventures, the park features several trails ideal for walking or biking. These well-maintained paths offer scenic views and are suitable for family members of all fitness levels. The King County Eastside Rail Corridor is easily accessible from the park’s parking lot, providing a fantastic opportunity for a scenic bike ride.

Picnic and Chill

With three reservable picnic areas, including one with a shelter and BBQ facilities, Newcastle Beach Park is also a great spot for a family picnic. You can reserve a spot to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy a spontaneous outdoor meal. The shaded areas and ample seating allow for a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Safety Tips

While the park offers numerous amenities and activities, it’s important to note the presence of a sign warning about the potential for crime in the area. Visitors are advised to lock their cars and secure their personal belongings to avoid any unpleasant incidents.

Our Family's Review of Newcastle Beach Park

Newcastle Beach Park Playground

We recently visited Newcastle Beach Park in Bellevue, and our 5-year-old had a delightful time. While the playground equipment might not be as modern as what you’d find at Bellevue Downtown Park, it still provided plenty of fun. The park features a sandy beach which was a definite highlight for us. It’s always a plus to find a good sand beach in the area!

Although Newcastle Beach Park is lovely, if we were to choose our favorite sandy beach on the Eastside, Lake Sammamish State Park would still take the top spot. That said, Newcastle Beach Park holds its own charm, with its amazing waterfront views, and is a great spot for local fun. We’re looking forward to bringing our paddle boards next summer to see what adventures await us on the water at Newcastle Beach Park!

A Day to Remember

Despite the minor inconveniences like pesky mosquitoes and occasional goose droppings, a day at Newcastle Beach Park promises a memorable experience filled with joy and relaxation. It’s a place where family memories are made, laughter is shared, and adventures await.

So, pack your picnic basket, grab your beach toys, and head to Newcastle Beach Park for a day of undeniable fun and relaxation. Whether it’s building sandcastles, exploring trails, or simply relaxing under the sun, this park is sure to become a cherished part of your family’s summer traditions. Let’s make unforgettable memories together at Newcastle Beach Park!

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