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Splash-tastic: Best Eastside and Seattle Spray Parks for Kids to Soak Up the Sun

Redmond Town Center Fountains Kids having Fun in the Sun

When the summer sun starts shining in Seattle, families know it’s time to head outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest weather. For those with little ones, finding the perfect spot to cool down while having fun is a priority. Thankfully, the Greater Seattle area is dotted with an array of splash pads that provide endless amusement for toddlers and kids. These water play areas are ideal for children to splash, play, and beat the heat, all while parents can relax and watch the fun unfold.

We’ve included some of our favorite splash pads found in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland. Here’s a roundup of some of the best Seattle splash parks for kids, perfect for a summer activity to enjoy with your family.

Splash Pad Hours: When to Dive In!

Most splash parks in Seattle are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, typically from 11 am to 8 pm, but it’s always a good idea to check the specific hours for each park before you go. Remember to bring sunscreen, hats, and towels, along with a change of clothes for the kids after their fun-filled water play.

Take a Sneak Splash! Virtual Tours of Seattle’s Best Splash Pads

Want to get a sneak peek of these fantastic splash pads before you head out? We’ve got you covered! Check out our 360 virtual tours below to explore each location from the comfort of your home. These immersive experiences will give you a feel for the splash pads, making it easier to plan your next sunny day outing with the kids.

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Before you go outside, remember these sun safety tips! Protecting your kid’s skin from sun damage early will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

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Explore the Best Seattle Splash Parks for Kids and Toddlers

Seattle shines in the summer, and what better way to embrace the sunny days than by visiting some of the city’s most delightful splash parks? Perfect for kids and toddlers, these splash parks provide safe, fun, and engaging water play areas that are sure to make your summer amazing. Here are five of our favorite Seattle splash parks, each offering a unique experience for little ones to enjoy endless hours of splashing around.

1. Lake Union Park | Seatle, WA

860 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Lake Union Park, nestled in the vibrant South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, offers a unique and engaging outdoor experience for families looking to beat the heat and soak up the city’s dynamic atmosphere. The centerpiece of this modern, urban park is its large, interactive fountain, designed with fun and play in mind. It’s an ideal spot for children to frolic in the water jets and cool off on a sunny day, under the watchful eye of the city’s skyline.

But the allure of Lake Union Park extends beyond just the splash pad. The park boasts one of the best views in the city, with panoramic vistas of Lake Union and the downtown skyline creating a breathtaking backdrop for your family outing. The sight of seaplanes taking off and landing adds an element of excitement and wonder, captivating children and adults alike.

Exploring Lake Union Park offers a plethora of activities to extend your visit. The park’s open spaces invite leisurely strolls and picnics, while the footbridge provides picturesque views and leads to more adventures. The model boat pond is a delightful stop, offering a quieter moment of intrigue and discovery.

Cultural enrichment is at your fingertips with a visit to the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) located within the park. MOHAI offers a deep dive into the region’s rich history through interactive exhibits and storytelling, making it a perfect educational complement to a day of outdoor fun.

Lake Union Park represents the perfect blend of natural beauty, recreational fun, and educational opportunities, making it a standout destination for families in Seattle. Whether you’re splashing in the fountain, watching seaplanes, exploring the park’s features, or diving into the area’s maritime history, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this urban oasis.

*The Cafe at MOHAI is great for a bathroom break and a quick bite to eat.

2. International Fountain | Seattle, WA

305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109

The International Fountain, located at the pulsating heart of Seattle Center, stands as a beacon of fun and innovation, embodying the spirit of the city itself. This iconic water feature is not just a fountain; it’s an experience, merging the allure of art, music, and environmental sustainability into one captivating attraction.

At the core of the International Fountain’s appeal is its massive, music-synced design. The fountain’s water jets dance in harmony with a curated selection of music, ranging from classical masterpieces to modern hits, ensuring that no two visits are quite the same. This synchronization creates a mesmerizing spectacle that captivates both young and old alike.

Children, in particular, are drawn to the challenge and excitement offered by the fountain’s expansive, flat surface. A popular game among visitors is the “International Fountain challenge,” where the daring attempt to run up to the fountain’s central silver orb and back without getting soaked by the unpredictable water patterns. It’s a thrilling dash that combines the joy of play with the refreshing splash of water, making it a favorite summer activity.

The fountain is not only a source of entertainment but also an example of environmental consciousness. It operates on recycled water, which undergoes three rigorous treatment processes before it even reaches the public. This commitment to sustainability ensures that the fountain is not only fun but also respects the environment.

On hot days, the International Fountain becomes a magnet for those seeking relief from the heat. Some visitors immerse themselves in the fun, running and playing in the water, while others prefer to stay on the sidelines, enjoying the cool mist and the spectacle of others darting through the jets. Regardless of how you choose to experience it, the fountain offers a refreshing respite from the summer heat, making it a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike.

The International Fountain is more than just a place to cool off; it’s a symbol of Seattle’s innovative spirit and its commitment to creating engaging, sustainable public spaces. Whether you’re braving the waters for a thrilling run or simply soaking in the sights and sounds, the International Fountain at Seattle Center promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

*Make sure you pack extra clothes to extend your time at Seattle Center with a stop at the Space Needle, Seattle Children’s Museum, and Artists at Play Playground. Grab a bite at the Armory if you get hungry.

3. Yesler Terrace Park & Spraypark | Seattle, WA

903 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98122

Yesler Terrace Park & Spraypark, located in Seattle, is a gem for families looking for fun and relaxation. The heart of its allure lies in a seemingly mischievous instruction: “Don’t push the orange button.” Yet, this very button activates the water at the splash park, inviting children and the young at heart to dive into the fun. What sets this splash park apart are two distinctive features: its playground and the view.

Firstly, the playground at Yesler Terrace Park isn’t just any playground. It’s a destination in itself, designed to captivate and entertain children throughout the year, becoming even more irresistible during the sunny summer days. The equipment is tailored to inspire imaginative play, physical activity, and joyful interactions, making it a hit among its young visitors. And don’t forget to pack your cardboard and glide down the grassy turf slopes!

Secondly, the view from Yesler Terrace Park adds another layer of enjoyment to your visit. The park offers stunning vistas that elevate the experience from a simple day out to a memorable adventure. The panoramic scenes serve as a picturesque backdrop to the laughter and splashes of the spray park, enriching the ambiance and making it a perfect spot for those looking for beauty in urban outdoor spaces.

Yesler Terrace Park & Spraypark is more than just a place to cool off during the heat; it’s a holistic destination where play, nature, and spectacular views merge to create a special experience for Seattle families and visitors alike. Whether you’re there for the interactive water features or the engaging playground, or simply to soak in the scenic views, Yesler Terrace Park & Spraypark promises a delightful escape within the city.

4. Jefferson Park (Beacon Hill) | Seattle, WA

3801 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

Jefferson Park Spraypark, nestled in the heart of the Beacon Hill neighborhood, is a family favorite for summer fun. This lively spray park is equipped with a diverse array of water features, catering to all ages. Youngsters can enjoy the gentle sprays while the more adventurous can brave the dynamic water jets. With its expansive grassy fields, Jefferson Park is the perfect venue for picnics and leisurely days under the sun.

As the sixth largest park in Seattle, Jefferson Park isn’t just about the water play. It boasts two playgrounds that provide endless entertainment for children and a vast splash pad that becomes a central attraction during the warmer months. For an added experience, visit the lookout point situated above the splash pad. From there, you’ll be treated to stunning panoramic views that make a day at the park even more memorable.

Jefferson Park Spraypark stands out as a summer essential, offering both fun water activities and serene spots for relaxation. Whether you’re splashing around, enjoying a picnic, or simply taking in the views, Jefferson Park provides a comprehensive outdoor experience for visitors of all ages.

5. Northacres Park & Spraypark | Seattle, WA

12718 1st Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125

The Northacres Park spray park, located in North Seattle’s Haller Lake neighborhood, stands out as a favorite summer destination. Its popularity stems from the engaging splash park and abundant shaded areas, providing a perfect retreat from the summer heat. Beyond the water fun, Northacres Park offers a variety of activities to cater to the whole family. The park features trails for leisurely strolls, a playground for energetic play, and an off-leash dog park, ensuring even four-legged family members have a space to explore and enjoy. This makes Northacres Park an ideal spot for kid-friendly and toddler-friendly activities, offering something for every family member to enjoy in the great outdoors.

Discover the Eastside's Best Splash Parks for Endless Summer Fun

While Seattle is renowned for its vibrant splash parks, venturing to the Eastside reveals a treasure trove of aquatic playgrounds in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and beyond. These splash parks offer unique water features and scenic settings, making them perfect destinations for families seeking fun and adventure. Here are some of the best splash parks on the Eastside that promise unforgettable summer experiences for kids and toddlers.

6. Redmond Town Center | Redmond, WA

7525 166th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052

Located at the heart of Redmond Town Center, the splash pad is a beloved spot for children of all ages, especially during the warm summer months. The water is a refreshing temperature, providing the perfect cool-down experience on hot days. It’s a fantastic way for kids to have fun and stay comfortable outdoors. For a seamless experience, remember to bring extra clothes for the children, allowing you to continue exploring the delights of this outdoor shopping center. With its array of shops and dining options, Redmond Town Center offers a complete and enjoyable day out for families looking to combine playtime with a bit of shopping and dining in a beautiful, open-air environment

7. Redmond Downtown Park | Redmond, WA

16101 NE, Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052

Redmond Downtown Park, a recent addition to the city’s landscape, is designed to be a gathering place for the community. Central to its appeal, especially during the warmer months, is the splash pad located in the plaza, attracting families seeking relief and fun in the sun. Conveniently situated near restrooms and picnic tables, this spot is ideal for enjoying a picnic while keeping a close eye on the kids as they play. The water temperature is thoughtfully managed to ensure it’s not too cold, providing a pleasant cool-off on hot days without the chill, making it a favored destination for family outings. It’s clear that Redmond Downtown Park has quickly become a beloved space for residents looking for a place to relax and engage with their community in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

8. Crossroads Park | Bellevue, WA

16140 NE 8th St, Bellevue, WA 98008

Crossroads Spray Park, located in Bellevue just east of Seattle, stands out as a prime destination for families seeking fun and refreshment. This spray park, renowned for its interactive water features and vibrant spray nozzles, offers endless entertainment for children. Accompanied by a large playground, picnic areas, and vast open spaces, it provides the perfect setting for a day of play and relaxation.

A search for “splash park near me” invariably highlights Bellevue’s Crossroads Park as a top choice. This Northwest-themed park boasts distinctive attractions such as the climbable orca whale and spitting frogs and clams, adding to its charm. Although the water is noted for being on the cooler side, it’s rarely a concern for kids, especially during the heat of summer when a cool splash is most welcome.

Beyond the splash park, Crossroads Park caters to a variety of interests with its playground, walking trails, and even a nine-hole golf course, ensuring there’s something for everyone. One thing to note is the limited shade available at the playground, so bringing a small beach tent, like the California Beach Co. Pop N’ Go Playpen, which often goes on sale, can offer a comfortable refuge from the sun. This addition makes it easier to enjoy a full day at the park, from the thrill of the splash park to the calm of shaded relaxation and exploration of the park’s other amenities.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/10/2024 05:53 am GMT
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/10/2024 05:57 am GMT
9. Inspiration Playground | Bellevue, WA

10201 NE 4th St, Bellevue, WA 98004

The splash park at Inspiration Playground in downtown Bellevue, though modest in size, earns its spot on the list for its convenience and quality amenities. Located just steps away from a top-notch playground, this splash zone is a hit with families thanks to its cleanliness, especially the restrooms, and the fun water features it offers. The splash area includes an engaging little waterfall, boulders, and a stream that captivates the kids’ imagination and invites playful exploration.

A standout feature of Inspiration Playground is the thoughtful design of the sitting areas, all of which are covered. This consideration is particularly appreciated on hot, sunny days, providing a comfortable shade for parents and guardians to relax while keeping an eye on the fun. The playground itself, paired with the splash park, promises a day full of activity and enjoyment, ensuring that families have a variety of play options.

While the playground and splash park alone are enough to fill your day with joy, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the rest of Downtown Bellevue Park. A leisurely stroll around the park can offer a pleasant change of pace, allowing you to experience the beauty and tranquility of the surrounding green spaces. Inspiration Playground and its splash park stand out as a beloved destination, offering both fun water play and a chance to unwind in one of Bellevue’s cherished urban oases.

10. Kirkland Urban | Kirkland, WA

425 Urban Plz, Kirkland, WA 98033 

The plaza at Kirkland Urban features a charming toddler-friendly splash pad, making it an ideal location for families seeking a refreshing break while shopping or dining in the newly developed Kirkland Urban shopping center, adjacent to Peter Kirk Park. This splash pad is perfectly suited for little ones to cool off and have some fun in the water, all within the convenience of a bustling retail and dining hub. It’s a thoughtful addition to the shopping center, offering a delightful escape for families looking to combine errands or leisure time with a bit of outdoor play for their toddlers.

Bonus Fountains and Splash Pads

Greenlake Village | Seattle, WA

The plaza at Greenlake Village has water features with cascading water on their benches just outside of PCC Community Market. A family and toddler-friendly favorite.

Thornton Place | Seattle, WA

Thornton Place fountain is small but another great hit for the toddlers. Located just outside of the Thornton Place Plaza in northeast Seattle with lots of eateries nearby for the whole family.

Other City of Seattle Spray Parks

*Spraypark and wading pool schedules are subject to change (due to weather or damage to the facilities)

Summer Splash Park Must-Haves

Essential Packing List for the Beach

Keep a few summer essentials in your car during the hot months to stay prepared. Don’t forget to pack your picnic blanket and a cooler full of snacks when visiting one of the many amazing splash pads around the Seattle area. Here are some of our favorite items for any day out in the sun at a splash pad, swimming pool, or lake.

  • Sunscreen
  • Hats and sunglasses
  • Extra towels
  • Water shoes
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Portable chairs or a mat
  • Waterproof bags for wet clothes
  • A first aid kit
  • Porta potty
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